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At Home with PTN

Your child’s therapy will happen in your home or local community – spaces where they feel most comfortable.  We are passionate about guiding your child’s development in a playful and encouraging way, allowing them to meet their highest potential while boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

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We are committed to your child’s success and value open communication with your physician and team members.  We will keep you up-to-date on your child’s progress and provide insurance assistance. We are always here as a resource.


We focus on your child’s abilities and provide high quality therapy in a respectful and family friendly way and want to see your child achieve their highest potential while enjoying their childhood experiences.


Your child’s therapy will be specifically tailored to their needs and your unique home environment.  Together we’ll create a plan that works best for your family, your child, and their future.


What We Offer

Services & Programs

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy improves a child’s fine motor, sensory, and self help skills so that they can participate in their daily routines at home and out in the community.

      • Fine Motor Development
      • Play & Socialization
      • Motor Planning & Coordination
      • Sensory Integration
      • Self-Care
      • Adaptive Devices & Tools

Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy promotes independence by improving strength, endurance and gross motor function so that children can explore and participate in the world around them.

      • Gross Motor Development
      • Postural Alignment & Control
      • Stretching & Strengthening
      • Balance & Coordination
      • Endurance & Gait Training
      • Environmental Modifications

Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy helps children become successful communicators and enhances their play and social interaction skills.

      • Expressive/ Receptive Language
      • Social Skills
      • Attention & Play
      • Adaptive Communication
      • Articulation Skills
      • Fluency


Our clinical social workers help children face their developmental challenges and counsel families as they work to understand their child’s behavior, challenges, and needs.

      • Regulation & Behavior
      • Social Emotional Development
      • Socialization & Peer Interactions
      • Self-Esteem Building
      • Parent-Child Relationship
      • Parent & Family Support
fun with aquatic therapy!

Aquatic Therapy

Pediatric aquatic therapy uses the principles of water to support a child’s therapeutic goals and incorporates therapy techniques, functional activities, water safety methods, and water play.

      • Relaxation
      • Stretching & Strengthening
      • Facilitation of Movement
      • Postural Alignment
      • Balance
      • Sensory Modulation

Feeding Therapy

A multi-disciplinary approach to supporting a child’s feeding development and creating more positive mealtime experiences for the entire family.

      • Picky Eaters
      • Bottle Feeding
      • Developmental & Motor Challenges
      • Sensory Processing Difficulties
      • Transitioning to Solid Foods
      • Transitions from Tube to Oral Feedings

Our Team

Loved by Kids & Trusted by Parents

At Pediatric Therapy Network, we believe that pediatric therapy works best when delivered in home and community environments and built around positive, playful interactions that children enjoy and parents can easily emulate. Our philosophy of evidence-based care and professionalism means that our therapists work together as a team to provide quality services that integrate the best available evidence with practical advice and practitioner expertise.


Be a Part of the PTN Family

Working with PTN means having your voice heard, getting regular opportunities to grow and learn, setting hours that make sense for you, and enjoying a collaborative work environment.  We value diversity and embrace new ideas and are looking for hard working and dedicated professionals to join our team.

Benefits of working with PTN include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Mentorship and career development opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and training
  • Ipad provided for streamlined, paperless documentation
  • Assistance with Early Intervention credentialing process
  • Comprehensive benefits for full-time employees

If you are currently looking for full-time or part-time employment (or an independent contractor position), please contact us so that we can continue this discussion.


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