We are delighted to be transitioning back into your homes and communities! We are also continuing to provide teletherapy services for any interested families and have had a lot of success with this program. Please reach out to discuss either option or a hybrid approach.

Pediatric Therapy Network

At Home with PTN

At PTN, we believe that pediatric therapy is most effective when it happens at home. By working with children in their own space – their living room, yard, classroom, or even community pool – children can relax and feel more confident. When therapy happens in familiar places around daily routines it’s easier for parents, siblings, and other members of the child’s community to become active participants in the therapeutic process.


We guide your child’s development in a playful and encouraging way, allowing them to meet their highest potential while boosting their confidence and self-esteem.


We listen to your concerns and take them seriously.  Together, we’ll create a plan that works best for your family, your child, and their future.


We collaborate with your child’s teachers, pediatricians, and other team members to help ensure that your child receives consistent support.

We have been through lots of therapies and therapists over the years but we cannot imagine life without PTN!

What We Offer

Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Fine motor, sensory challenges, self-help skills

Physical Therapy

Mobility, strength, balance & coordination

Speech Therapy

Communication, attention, social skills


Social-emotional & family support

Aquatic Therapy

Gravity eliminated sensorimotor activities

Feeding Therapy

Sensory & medically complex feeding challenges
Pediatric Therapy
What can our family expect?

A highly skilled therapist will visit your home to perform an individualized evaluation catered to your concerns. If you have multiple concerns, we can provide therapists from different specialties at the same evaluation. They will share the results with you and together, we can develop a plan that works for your child.

Pediatric Therapy
When is payment due?

We will perform an insurance verification on your behalf prior to initiation of services in order to make sure you are aware of expected out of pocket costs. We will bill your insurance for services and balance bill you for any patient balance on a monthly basis. No payment is due at the time of service. We offer generous discounts should your insurance company deny coverage.

Pediatric Therapy
How quickly can we get started?

There is typically no wait for services. Evaluations can generally be scheduled within a week from initial referral or inquiry, depending on overall availability and need. Ongoing therapy can usually be initiated shortly after the initial evaluation, should you and your therapists determine that therapy is a good course of action.

…helped us reach and exceed our goals, all the while being a consummate professional, an untiring advocate, a fantastic listener, and a valuable resource.

How Can We Help?

Our Team

PTN Core Beliefs

At Pediatric Therapy Network, we believe that pediatric therapy is most effective when delivered in a child’s natural environment and built around positive, playful interactions that children enjoy and parents can easily emulate. Grounded in a philosophy of evidence-based care and professionalism, our therapists work with each other and with you to help your child strengthen their skills and self-esteem.  Like most things in life, therapy is most effective when it’s fun!

Staying Safe

At PTN, the safety of children, their families, and our team is very important.  Our therapists are getting vaccinated to stay safe and keep everyone healthy!

Join Our Team

Love Your Career @ PTN

PTN welcomes therapists who have a proven history of providing therapeutic supports in a playful and family friendly manner.  We are looking for therapists who are comfortable working with young children and families in diverse settings. PTN offers a high degree of structured mentorship and support within a collaborative team approach.

A wealth of knowledge, easy to work with and treats my son as if he was her own.  A wonderful experience!


The Latest News from PTN

Looking for new therapy activities to enjoy with your little ones? On our blog, we regularly share practical tips and  developmental strategies that can be easily incorporated into your play and daily routines.  You can also be a part of our community by following PTN on our social media pages.

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