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Speech Therapy Games for Kids
3 Speech Games You Can Play to Get Your Child Ready for School
3 Speech Games You Can Play to Get Your Child Ready for School 1000 519 Thomas Chibucos

The back-to-school season can be a time of a lot of mixed emotions for both parents and kids. Your child might be thrilled to see their friends again but saddened about losing some of the freedom they enjoyed over the summer. Or if they’re just starting school, they may be nervous about fitting in or making new friends. You, likewise, might be ecstatic to no longer have to worry about summer childcare but equally nervous about how your child will do in a classroom.

One simple way that both you and your child can feel more prepared for school is with learning games that will help them strengthen their social skills and also build the fundamentals of learning that will help them succeed academically. Here are three speech games that you can play with your child to help prepare them for school.

High / Low

This is a fun game that you can play around the dinner table or before bed. As a family, go around and each share what your high for the day was and what your low for the day was. This game is wonderful for helping children reflect on their experiences, vocalize their emotions, and process things that went well and things that they would have liked to go differently. It’s also a simple way to connect as family every day. When you share your experiences, it helps your children learn more about what you value and how you express your feelings.


Singing with your child is a wonderful way to have a good time, build their confidence, and work on a variety of speech and language disorders. For example, children who have a stutter often have an easier time singing than speaking. Singing is also an exercise in breathing and swallowing, and it’s fun!

Often the biggest obstacle to singing with kids is finding songs that won’t drive you crazy. Don’t settle for nursery rhymes if they’re going to make you nuts. Instead, try finding Disney songs, kid-friendly versions of pop songs, or even old standards that you’ll be able to sing on repeat with ease.

The Rhyming Game

This simple game can be played anywhere. Use it to pass the time while waiting in line or while driving or anywhere else. Simply choose a simple word and have your child come up with as many rhyming words as possible. You can also go back and forth, each contributing words that rhyme. This is a great way to help build your child’s vocabulary and encourage them to think critically.

For slightly older children (3+), you can take this game to the next level by working together to memorize a short poem. Poems are great for appreciating the natural rhythms and cadence of language and, again, building vocabulary.

If your child is having a difficult time expressing themselves, or if you’re worried about a possible speech or language disorder, our Chicago speech therapists may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how Chicago speech therapy could help your child feel more confident and expressive.

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