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Welcome to Our New Site
Welcome to Our New Site 2048 1536 PTN Chicago

We hope that you find our new site more useful and easy to use. Our company hasn’t changed, but we think this new website better represents our values of positivity, support, and open communication.

If you’ve never worked with PTN before, we are a therapist-owned pediatric therapy provider. Our sessions always revolve around play and positive encouragement. We work with children in their homes and in their local communities, such as playgrounds and group classes. We love it when parents actively participate in sessions and help us better understand and connect with their children.

If you’re a current or past client of PTN, we hope you enjoy this new resource. As you know, we are always striving to improve our services, our approach, and our communication. If you have any questions or comments about our new site, please reach out to us at any time.

Please take a moment to bookmark our new site, and specifically this blog. This is where we will regularly post new information about our services. We will also use this space to offer practical advice, tips, and resources for parents and family members of children with physical disabilities or developmental delays.

We hope that this blog will be a source of encouragement, support, and knowledge.

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