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Aleck on the go!
Aleck on the go! 512 670 PTN Chicago

It’s been an incredible month and a half around here and as always we’ve been so busy that blogging has really been put on the back burner.  After all, we must make a great effort to get to the park as much as possible even after a long day of therapy sessions.  Especially since someone talks about going to the park non-stop.  And now being at the park is a million times better than before with Aleck running around in his walker.  This piece of equipment that I was hesitant about at one point is now the center of our universe and the vehicle through which Aleck is finally able to explore the world around him.  His first time being in it at the park he got stuck in bush and was perfectly content to simply stand there and pull the leaves off the branches.  It was the first time he’d ever pulled leaves off of anything.  I finally pulled him out of there so he’d be more social, especially since we had a playdate with my girlfriend and her son.  He’s taken his walker under the water features at the park, slowly circling them and getting used to the spray on a hot day working his way up until he’s completely under the water and it’s beating down so hard on his head his eyes are squinting and his whole body was tense with anticipation of the water.  After a minute I pulled him out of there too. This walker is a game changer and it wasn’t until we started using it on the playground that I realized for myself how much more Aleck can do, how much more independence he has, and how much he can explore on his own.  Little kids come up to him, sometimes they want to help push him, they pour water on his arm on a hot day, compare sneakers, and he even chased a little friend he had made all the way up the ramp onto the top of the jungle gym (with a little help of course).  We literally can’t go to the park without it. Read More About Aleck

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