PTN Makes a Splash!
PTN Makes a Splash! 1530 2048 PTN Chicago

Program Development is underway for our new community-based aquatic therapy program!  Pediatric Therapy Network is combining experienced therapy staff with your friendly neighborhood pool to create a fun and inviting setting to work on our therapy goals.  We will be introducing this program at Goldfish Swim School over the next few weeks.  If interested, please inquire at to receive updates and get enrolled.

A2B Social Mobility Group!
A2B Social Mobility Group! 1275 1650 PTN Chicago
Worth Reading: Go Baby Go
Worth Reading: Go Baby Go 267 273 PTN Chicago

Pediatric Therapy Network’s A2B Social Mobility Group was based off of the current research by Cole Galloway, associate professor of physical therapy at the University of Delaware. His Go Baby Go study is offering a fun and practical solution for improving a child’s independent mobility in order to foster active exploration of their environment and promote opportunities for improved social interactions with peers.

Interesting Facts:

  • From 6 months to 3 years of age, healthy children have the ability to move toward items that capture their interest. This allows more opportunities to learn from their environment and form important neurological connections for brain and behavioral development.
  • The majority of brain synapses or connections form by age 3, and 85% of a child’s brain development is completed by age 5.
  • More than a half-million children suffer from mobility issues from birth on.
  • There are no pediatric power wheelchairs currently available for children under 2.

For more information regarding the Go Baby Go Study please visit

Reference:  Galloway, C. Agrawal, S. The Drive to Explore. University of Delaware Research Online Magazine. 2012; Vol.3/ No.2: 23-25.

What’s New For Summer?
What’s New For Summer? 2048 1536 PTN Chicago

1) Wondering how to keep your kids busy when school’s out? Pediatric Therapy Network offers a summer intensive program to work on goals specific to outdoor play & summer activities. We are happy to develop a summer program specific to your child’s needs or to carry over school-based therapy programs & goals to ensure readiness for the next school year.

2) Pediatric Therapy Network’s new A2B Social Mobility Group!
A2B is a program designed to serve children with disabilities and their families by providing outings that will encourage effective mobility, socialization with other children, and family empowerment. A2B is a product of PTN’s interdisciplinary team in collaboration University of Illinois-Chicago physical therapy students. The goal of this program is to provide a fun and motivating way to work on mobility goals while encouraging family involvement and socialization with peers.

For more information regarding this program please contact us at

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