Sharing Developmental Toys During Toy Takeover 2023

Sharing Developmental Toys During Toy Takeover 2023

Sharing Developmental Toys During Toy Takeover 2023 1080 1080 PTN Chicago

We are so excited that it’s December because that can only mean one thing… The 2023 Toy Takeover is finally here! Each year, our team works together to create a list of our favorite toys that are not only fun, but help your children work on their developmental milestones. This year, we think that we’ve curated the perfect list of toys and cannot wait for you to try them out with your little ones this holiday season and beyond.  Ready to get to the fun? Let’s get started! 

Here are the toys that made this year’s Toy Takeover list (we know your family is going to love them):

Adjustable Hula Hoop

We would like to introduce you to the first toy on our list – an adjustable hula hoop! Twirl it around your waist, create a bean bag toss, jump in and out, incorporate it into a dance routine, or take turns rolling back and forth. One cool thing about this specific hula hoop is that it can be taken apart and adjusted to fit your child. So, as they grow, you can add sections to the hula hoop or remove sections as needed! 

Pop-up Cause and Effect Toy

We know that your little one is going to absolutely love playing with the next toy on our list. This cause-and-effect toy is from Battat and contains 4 adorable pals that your child will enjoy seeing over and over again. Not only is this toy super cute and colorful, but it will also introduce your child to cause-and-effect concepts while practicing a variety of fine motor skills and stimulating language development. 

Sassy Ring O Links

Sassy Ring O Links is the perfect first toy for a baby’s little hands, as it encourages early reaching and grasping skills. This wonderful set comes with 9 different colored rings, with each ring having its own unique texture. Although this toy is primarily for really young children, you can also use Sassy Ring O Links to help your child work on their color recognition, counting skills, and speech. 

Coogam Matching Egg Puzzle

One final toy we wanted to share with you is the Coogam Matching Egg Puzzle (this may just be our favorite toy to make the list this year!) Infants will enjoy taking the eggs in and out of the carton, and toddlers will love matching the colors and shapes or counting up all of their eggs. As a bonus, we highly recommend getting together with your little ones and playing pretend using the eggs!

From all of us at Pediatric Therapy Network, Happy Holidays! We have had so much fun working with each and every one of you this year, and we look forward to working with you and your family in 2024. We hope you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones this holiday season.

Fun Idea: If you are looking for some snow-themed activities to partake in as a family this winter, check out our Pinterest boards. We have thousands of delightful activities and crafts pinned on our boards that will entertain your little ones and help them work on their skills in the process.

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