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Reasons We Are Thankful For Our PTN Families
Reasons We Are Thankful For Our PTN Families 1080 1080 PTN Chicago

Though there are many holidays that we love celebrating throughout the year, Thanksgiving is one of our favorites. It gives us a chance to express our gratitude and tell you how thankful we are for each of you. We genuinely enjoy working with all of our amazing PTN kids, families, and therapists, and you all are a huge part of why we love what we do.

So, in honor of Thanksgiving this year and to further express our appreciation, we wanted to share some reasons we’re thankful for our PTN families. Enjoy!

You Support Your Little Ones and Our Team: You’re always there to help support your little ones and our team in any way that you can. Your support means the absolute world to us, and we couldn’t do our jobs without your help.

You Have So Much Love For Your Kiddos: Your love and support is essential to your child’s growth and development, and we see how much love you have for your little ones. You are such a bright light in their lives, and your kiddos can feel how much love you have for them.

You Care, and it Shows: You are all so kind and caring, and it absolutely shows. You sincerely care about your kiddos and helping them work on their skills, and that in itself is something so special.

You’re Extremely Hard-Working: You work day in and day out to ensure that you and your family are taken care of. You wear numerous hats, and trust us, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Give yourself a pat on the back!

You’re Patient, Even When Times Are Tough: Your little ones are learning new skills, and it takes time to develop these skills. There may be times of frustration throughout this process, but you’re always there supporting your kiddos and showing a lot of patience. 

Your Kindness is Unmatched: Last but certainly not least, our PTN families are all extremely kind. You welcome us into your homes with open arms and are always willing to help in any way possible. Thank you for showing kindness and compassion – it’s something that we’ll never take for granted.

Our PTN families are everything we mentioned above and so much more. You mean the world to us, and we are very excited to continue working with all of you. You make such an impact on your little one’s growth and development, and we couldn’t do our jobs without you.

Check out our social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) all November long as we show more gratitude for our PTN kids, families, and therapists! As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss if your child would benefit from pediatric therapy. Our team is here to support you and your child in any way we can.

Celebrating Parent Appreciation Day With 10 Reasons Why Parents Are So Important
Celebrating Parent Appreciation Day With 10 Reasons Why Parents Are So Important 1080 1080 PTN Chicago

Parent Appreciation Day is right around the corner (July 24th), but we don’t want to wait another minute to start celebrating our amazing PTN parents! All the parents we work with are so special, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with each of your families. You make our jobs so much easier, and the way that you support your children is so inspiring.

This year to celebrate this amazing day, we wanted to share why parents are so important (especially parents of children with special needs). Though we can think of hundreds of reasons, we wanted to keep it short and sweet and share our top 10.

Parents are…

  1. Caring: Our PTN parents have such kind hearts and are incredibly caring. We see how much you deeply care about your little ones and want them to be the best they can be. Your sincerity and kindness are something that your children will never forget.
  1. Supportive: You show up daily for your children and support their development journey. You are constantly helping them improve their skills and are their emotional support system. Our team also appreciates the support you give us during each therapy session. We couldn’t do it without you!
  1. Loving: The love a parent has for their children is unmatched. We can tell how much you love and care for your little ones, and your love is something that your children will cherish for the rest of their lives.
  1. Fun: So many of our PTN parents enjoy getting involved in their child’s therapy sessions, which is something so special. You get to have fun with your little one while also helping them learn and grow in the process. The best part is that you can continue the fun with your children while working on their therapy at home.
  1. Helpful: All of our PTN parents are extremely helpful. You’re constantly helping your little ones with their needs and helping to develop their skills with at-home therapy activities. Our team also appreciates that you help us get to know your little ones better during each therapy session.
  1. Inspiring: Parents are genuinely so inspiring. You inspire your children every day, and they are always looking up to you. You also inspire our PTN team. Parents have to juggle so many things in life, and you all somehow make it look so easy.
  1. Patient: Parents are there to support their children during their learning and development journey, which can sometimes take patience. It’s important to remember that each child is going to learn and grow at their own pace, and that’s okay! With your patience and support, your little ones will do amazing things.
  1. Funny: Being able to show your goofy side around your little ones is something so special. There are so many awesome activities that allow you to be silly with one another and work on your child’s skills at the same time. So, never stop being funny and goofy with your children. These memories are something that your children will never forget.
  1. Thoughtful: Our PTN parents are so thoughtful and are always looking for ways to continue helping their little ones work on their skills. You are selfless and are always thinking of the needs and well-being of others. Your thoughtfulness is a trait that we really admire.
  1. The Best: PTN parents are the best. You help your little ones grow big and strong, fix their owies, wipe away their tears, make them laugh, and comfort them in times of need. You’re their biggest cheerleader no matter what and are always there for them. We genuinely thank you for always welcoming us into your homes and for being such a great support system. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) all month long as we continue to show our appreciation for all of our incredible PTN parents. We’ll also be sharing helpful tips, resources, activities, and more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss if your child would benefit from pediatric therapy. Our team is here to support you and your child in any way we can.

5 Reasons That We’re Thankful For This Past Year
5 Reasons That We’re Thankful For This Past Year 1080 1080 PTN Chicago

Can you believe that it’s already November? We sure can’t! Though it’s crazy to think that 2021 is quickly coming to a close, we love this time of year. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it gives us the chance to express our gratitude to all of the people who mean so much to us – our PTN families, kids, and therapists!

This past year has been so challenging. We’ve all had to make adjustments and adapt to this new way of life, and our PTN family has been a blessing through it all. No matter what obstacles have come our way, we still have so many reasons to be thankful and know that we can always count on all of our PTN families, kids, and therapists.

To continue our month of gratitude, we wanted to take this time to share 5 reasons that we’re thankful for this past year. Hint: One of the reasons has to do with everyone who is a part of our amazing PTN family!

1. We Got to Work With Amazing Children That Inspire Us: We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with each one of our PTN children this past year. It is such a privilege to help them work on their therapy skills and watch them grow. Our PTN kiddos are so inspiring and are the reason that we love what we do. Thank you, PTN kids!

2. Getting Support From Our PTN Families: Another reason that we’re thankful for this past year is the support we’ve received from our PTN families. You always welcome us into your homes with open arms and are committed to working with us to help your incredible children with their therapy. We honestly couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you!

3. Our PTN Team is Closer Than Ever Before: This past year has also allowed our PTN team to grow closer than ever before. Having to conduct therapy sessions in-person and online has been an adjustment, but our team has worked extremely hard as a team to make sure that we can offer your kiddos a wonderful therapy experience. The support that our team shows one another is something special, and we are so grateful for that. Thank you, PTN team!

4. This Past Year Taught Us to Be Innovative: In the past, we’ve only offered in-person therapy. But, due to the coronavirus, our online telehealth program is in full swing.  Though this was an adjustment at first, it has allowed us to expand our services and continue to provide therapeutic support throughout the pandemic. 

5. It Showed Us the Importance of Working Together: The final reason that we are thankful for this past year is that it showed us the importance of working together. Helping each kiddo grow is a team effort, and it can only be achieved if our PTN families, kids, and therapists work together. Working as a team makes it possible to help each child develop their skills and grow, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to work together with every one of you!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) all month long as we continue to express our gratitude to all of you! We’ll also be sharing helpful tips, activities, resources, and more! As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss if your child would benefit from pediatric therapy. Our team is here to support both you and your child in any way that we can.

An Attitude of Gratitude Amidst 2020’s Challenges
An Attitude of Gratitude Amidst 2020’s Challenges 1080 1080 PTN Chicago

2020 has been a year of extreme highs and lows for most of us. For the first time in our lives, we’ve had to navigate a global pandemic that, even now, remains unstable. We’ve seen uncertainty every which way we’ve looked. From dear friends and family members being hospitalized due to Covid, to the small businesses we frequent having to close their doors. Now, we’re struggling to figure out schooling and what the rest of the year will look like as flu season nears. What will 2021 look like?

Perhaps the hardest part is being steadfast for our children. Our kids count on us to have everything under control, to provide them with a deep sense of security, and to show them by example that “everything is OK.”  Even when it’s not.  We’ve seen so many of our families bravely take on this pandemic and make dramatic changes almost overnight.  As if being the parent of a special needs child isn’t challenging enough, we’ve had to throw into the mix virtual therapy, completely new routines, and an entirely new way of living life.

The PTN team deeply empathizes with the challenges our parents and families have had to navigate.  We know this time has not been easy.  We know that each of you are trying your very best when the world seems like it is at its very worst.  We know that you’re tired, losing sleep, emotionally exhausted, and looking for hope anywhere you can find it.  We know this because we are navigating challenges too… but our plan is to navigate every obstacle with you!  

One way in which we hope to overcome the struggles of 2020 is by cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  We want to find the light wherever we can and we want you to know that our team experiences so much joy and sees so much light every time we work with you and your children.  Thank you!

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” – Unknown

These words are powerful and they are true.  With this message in mind, and the hope of bringing those who mean the most to us a moment of joy, we want to take this time to express our deep gratitude:

Thank you PTN Kids!

First and foremost, we are grateful during this holiday season to be able to continue working with such incredible children. The positive outlook and hard work they bring each and every day is inspiring, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their growth.  We are so proud of how they have overcome so much during this past year and believe they are the epitome of resilience.  

Thank You PTN Parents: We Could Not Do This Without You!

Not only are our PTN kids special to us, but our PTN families are equally as important. We couldn’t do our job without your support.  We truly value the relationships we have with you as we work toward shared goals.  We know these times have been difficult and we know you may feel like the world is on your shoulders.  We want you to know we recognize all the sacrifices you’ve made and think the world of you.  

Thank You to Our Incredible Staff!

Our PTN therapists are truly the best! Thank you for coming together as a team to support one another as you have had to learn how to navigate entirely new situations, like providing therapy virtually or in masks and face shields.  Your willingness to adapt and your desire to serve children is awe-inspiring.  Know that you’ve had such an impact on the lives of so many children and your dedication has not gone unnoticed!

Thank You to Family & Friends!

We want to say thank you to our own family members and friends for helping us get through 2020.  Your support and guidance have been invaluable (even if over FaceTime).  Thank you to our immediate family members for sharing your space with us as we have had to adjust to working and learning from home together.  We feel so lucky to have you in our lives!

As we move toward the end of the year, we want to assure you that we will continue to do our very best to provide not only exceptional care to every child and family we work with, but also emotional support.  We will get through this together!

Thank you from PTN
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from PTN!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from PTN! 1000 600 Triston Kee

The year is coming to a close, and 2018 certainly seemed to fly by. As we enter the season of family, of connection, and of cozying up around blazing fires, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for everything that you’ve done this year.

To the children we work with…

Thank you for your spirit. You show us every day what it means to live a life of joy and courage.

Thank you for your bravery. Whenever we ask you to try something new, to attempt something a little scary or a little uncomfortable, we see the bravery in your eyes and are inspired by it.

Thank you for your persistence. Sometimes you may have to work harder and longer than others, but you never let that slow you down. Your dedication and tenacity could move mountains.

To your parents…

Thank you for your trust. We are so grateful for every opportunity that we have to engage with you and your children. Thank you for putting your faith in us. We truly treasure it.

Thank you for your support. Both the support that you show us and your unending support for your children. You make sacrifices of your time, your energy, and your goals for the sake of your children, and that is an incredibly noble thing.

To your siblings…

Thank you for your patience. It’s not always easy having a brother or sister, but the love that you show for your siblings through your actions and words has such a big impact upon their confidence and wellbeing. Thank you for loving your siblings and supporting them through thick and thin.

Thank you for being a role model. Your siblings watch everything you do, and they learn so much from you. Thank you for everything that you teach your siblings just by being you.

To your whole team…

Thank you to the teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, occupational therapists, speech therapists, doctors, social workers and others who put their time and heart into helping the amazing children in our network thrive. You are each part of a beautiful web of support and caring that cannot be broken.

And finally, we’d like to thank everyone who works at the Pediatric Therapy Network.  Everyone on our team does such an amazing job and truly cares about what we’re accomplishing together.

We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!

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